The World Atlas

The World Atlas is a collection of samples showcasing the vast array of platforms you can integrate with via one Chautec CMS space. 


The website version of The World Atlas contains a menu of continents and list of every country including its details.

Android App

Details and link to be released in the near future.

Alexa Smart Speaker Skill

The Amazon Alexa Skill version of The World Atlas has information about countries read out to you. Contact us to test this out.

Chautec CMS

This very site you are looking at right now is built using Chautec CMS!

Hebron Chinese Alliance Church

A church in Australia requiring different websites for each of their congregations (English, Cantonese, Mandarin). Each site is a different space

Andtor Co.

Andtor is a software company that needed a quick and responsive SPA site with good SEO. With Chautec CMS their site was ready in 2 days.