There are many CMS platforms out there but we chose 2 popular ones which are very different to each other to compare us with.

Chautec CMS vs WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that started 17 years ago. It has a lot of plugins, themes and online articles.

Although both WordPress and Chautec CMS can produce a website, they are at the same time very different to each other.

Chautec CMS is a modern platform in which the core is an API, made to be consumed by different types of apps, websites and other services. It serves an entire ecosystem.

WordPress was built more traditionally with PHP and solely for the purposes of a website.

Chautec CMS vs Ghost

Ghost is probably a closer comparison to Chautec CMS than WordPress. It has great support for themes, integrations and development.

Although Ghost is also API based, the system itself is still very much tailored towards creating blogs. Ghost is written in JavaScript and is open source allowing developers to further customize the engine core.

Chautec CMS is not open source and its goal is to have its API to be abstract and multi-purposed. Consumers build business logic into their own apps/services using custom defined component types.

 WordPressChautec CMSGhost
PurposeWebsitesMulti-purposeBlog sites
API BasedNoYesYes
Multi-tenantNoYes (multiple spaces)No
Frontend TechnologyPHPReact and AngularHandlebars
Backend TechnologyPHPF# (.NET core)JavaScript (Node.js)
Open SourceYesNoYes