Chautec CMS Admin Panel is a mobile-friendly panel to create, edit, upload and organize API components.
Users are able to easily author content while also having technical tools for those who require it.

Admin diagram

The Admin panel also helps assist in creating the right components for websites using Chautec CMS Site.


Below is what the Admin panel looks like. The left menu allows you to switch between your spaces (which could be different websites). In this example, we are inside the root component (type Folder) of space “Monkeys”. Components are the core of Chautec CMS which is what you will be primarily dealing with.

Chautec CMS admin panel

All components regardless of type have the basic settings you see in the folder component above.

  • Name - Optional
  • Key - Must be unique across the space it is in. The key “root” is reserved for each space's top most component.
  • Date - Defaults to the time of creation. This field is useful when sorting by date (e.g. blog).
  • Published - Components that are not published will not be retrievable by public users.
  • Visible - An indication to apps/sites whether this component should be rendered.
  • Tags - Useful for searching components by a certain tag.
Organize child components

Inside each component, you can add as many child components as required. 

Chautec CMS child components

There is no limit to the depth of child components and you can always traverse back up the parents via the breadcrumbs.

Chautec CMS breadcrumbs
Custom type support

Admin allows you to create and edit component types that are not pre-defined. You may use the editor to enter arbitrary content and any JSON as the metadata.

Chautec CMS custom types
Dynamic code editor

A number of component types have built in code editors where you can directly edit CSS, JavaScript, XML and HTML. This is ideal for users wishing to make changes with ease and have them immediately consumed.

Chautec CMS code editor
Editors for different component types

The panel provides users with different options and editors depending on the component type.

Below is an example of a block component wich provides a rich text editor to author content.

Chautec CMS example block component

There are also extra options (e.g. Frame Color) which set Bootstrap styling properties into the component's metadata. Websites using Site are programmed to make use of these attributes. Optionally, users with CSS knowledge are able to then override their own styles for these frame styles.

Mobile friendly panel

The Admin panel is mobile friendly allowing you to more easily publish and make changes on any device.

Chautec CMS admin panel mobile version
User management

Admin allows you to manage user accounts including the generation of API keys.

Chautec CMS user management